Smaller Nose : Make Nose Smaller - Review On Nose Job Alternatives

Many people seek plastic surgery. It is a billion dollar business in the United States and some parts of the world. In Asian countries, like Singapore and The Philippines, People are obsessed with the perfect Caucasian nose. In Japan, the new standard of beauty is westernized. However, Not everyone can afford Rhinoplasty or Nose Jobs. Costs ranges from $ 3,000 to $ 10,000 in the United States but cheaper in some Asian Countries like India and Thailand leading to Medical Tourism from the West.

Aside from the Cost, Fear is another factor that makes some people back out from this procedure. Seeing a plastic surgery victim with a failed nose job could discourage a person to seek nose surgeries. Furthermore, the unnatural look that Rhinoplasty gives ( Triangular, lifted, over-protruding nares ) makes some people rethink their scheduled surgeries.

In this Article, I am going to talk about some alternatives to save you thousands of dollars for Rhinoplasty.

1. 15 minute nose job from Dr. Rivkin
I have read many great reviews from this. Many patients are happy with the results. This non-surgical procedure involves inserting a needle to some parts of your nose and injecting a "filler" to correct bumps, enhance the tip and raise the nose bridge. It is 100% effective. Reinjections are sometimes required. The procedure also costs around $500 to $1,000 and is effective and works very well with clients with mild nose imperfections. The physician does not recommend this procedure for very wide noses or severe nose imperfections.
If you have money to spend this is one of the best alternatives out there. 100% working, safe and you will see the result in just 15 minutes.

2. Facial Nose Exercises to make the nose smaller.
There is an exercise in the internet that I've tried myself. Did it work? let us see.
1. Hold the top of your nose with your thumb and index finger.
2. Slowly bring your fingers to the sides of your nose. Don't press or pull because this might make the nose bloat up a little bigger and can damage the cartilage.
3. Do this for two to three minutes, starting at the top of your nose each time.
4. Repeat about 50 times a day or even more.
5. The results may be visible in 2-3 months time.
As soon as you stop, and if you have not permanently disfigured your nose, your nose will return to its normal shape.
I tried this and this worked. I saw some results but as it stated, My nose returned to normal after I stopped using it for a week or so. Not really worth it as doing this 50 times a day for 3 minutes a day means you don't have any life aside from pressing your nose.
Not worth it considering that there are products that will do this for you. let us talk about them below.

3. Nose RightNose MagicNose Huggies

Ok now, these 3 sites claims that they can make your nose small for just 2 weeks. Fact or Fiction? Let's Dissect.

First, Nose Right.

When you go to their site, you will see that they are selling a blue plastic device that looks like a hair clip. Actually, all of them looks like they are selling the same product, but they are not. Looking at the first page, I see before and after results that are obviously faked. One picture shows a redhead that has a misaligned nose that became straighter after using the product and the other one had a bad nose bridge that became lifted after using the product. It is impossible to re align the bone in the nose using a clip and it is impossible to make the bridge perfect using a clip that is used for the tip of the nose.
Please go to the site and you decide for yourself.

Second, Nose Huggies

I also ordered 1 piece to compare if they are really the same product. They are 100% similar. Nose Huggies is 100% similar to Nose Right. Checking the before and after photos they are also faked. This are actual nose surgeries I don't know why Nose Huggies posted them as they are obviously surgeries. I never tried both of them (Nose Right and Nose Huggies) because I am afraid that It could damage my Nose. Both costs around $15 to $20.

In their site, there is a "doctor" that will talk about the product but you will notice that the "doctor" did not even give his name and we are not sure if he is really a doctor or an actor. The site confuses me. But nevertheless, they have a money back guarantee so you can try using it if it really does work.
Since Nose Right and Nose Huggies are similar : don't bother.

Lastly, Nose Magic

Now, Nose Magic looks similar to the product being sold by Nose Right and Nose Huggies. I ordered one and it is a little bit cheaper, $9. So I really think it might be fake as well. When the product arrived, It came from Japan. (Huggies and Right came from U.S ) So naturally, I find it weird. I opened the package it is inside a bubble wrap. I took it and compare it with Huggies and Right and I noticed that Nose Magic is made of a harder and heavier plastic. The tip is also 100% silicone unlike the rubber tip in Nose Right and Nose Huggies. It is a lot heavier. It's 6x heavier compared to Nose Huggies and Nose Right.
Looking at the product ergonomics it is not the same... the movement of the device is smoother than the previous two and it uses a different kind of metal between the device. The plastic is also solid and not hollowed as compared to the Huggies and Right. It is very different though in pictures, they all look the same.

It is my theory that the Japanese version was imitated to create a cheaper version of the product and is now being sold here in the U.S as Nose Right and Nose Huggies. Believing that the product is of Higher Quality, I tried it to check their claim.

After just 1 week and 3 days, my nose was really slimmer ( They claimed 2 weeks ). The tip were enhanced and the lower bridge was more angled and pointy. I emailed the manufacturer if by any means my nose will return to its previous state if I stopped using the device and they said It need maintenance so it could assume its new shape.

The manufacturer also said that I should only use it on the cartilage as it will not affect the bone on the upper nose.

The product just costs 9 dollars and they have a 30 day money back guarantee, So if you can spend 9 bucks, I suggest you try it. You can order at their site But I had a bad experience on ordering a second nose magic.

I bought another one for 9.95 but after a day, I noticed they refunded the bill. I emailed them why and they said the product is out of stock. I asked them how come? and they said they can only manufacture 50 pieces a day. Considering the product is from japan and only 50 pieces a day, not everyone can get one. It only took 8 days to arrive though here in California.

4. Using make up.
Yes you heard it right, using make up will make your nose appear smaller, slimmer and straighter. There are some tutorials in you tube for this that you can watch. Click here for some example.
Basically, the idea is using dark make up on the side of the nose and a lighter make up on the bridge. This one definitely creates an illusion of a smaller nose but this is only temporary and make up only last for about 2 to 4 hours. I still suggest Dr. Rivkin's 15 minute nose surgery or Nose magic for they both work.

5. Nose Secret
Check their site to see the product. This is quite different from Nose Magic, Huggies and Right. It is a black spring-like plastic inserted bilaterally to the nostrils to give it a pointier and lifted look. Is this effective? YES! definitely its an instant nose lift but there are some problems. I ordered it so I can evaluate the pros and cons.

It costs $35 dollars free shipping here in the U.S add around $5 if you are from other countries. It was in a box and when you open it, its like a small kit with 3 different sized Nose Secret. I ordered the S M L - small medium and large. So in short, You bought three but you can only use one pair depending on the size of your nose. There is no S S S = small small small or M M M = medium medium medium. It's a big disappointment as you can only use one instead of 3 pieces.
When you insert it into your nose, it will really give you a taller and lifted nose but it is really uncomfortable. It is bothersome, it felt as if there is a large booger in your nose. You can really feel that it is there. It also affects breathing and after around 2 hours, it causes severe pain to the sides of your nose.

My sister (who is a doctor) told me not to use this as it will enlarge the nose instead of make it smaller due to the stretching tension it creates on the nose cartilages and skin. After using it for around 3 days, I ordered a refund.
I guess this product is good in parties or short events where you can only use it for around an hour or two once a month or for rare occasions. I you are interested in buying this for that purpose, go ahead but if for everyday use : NO.

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  1. dena says:

    my nose is not big, but the head of nose is swelled little,
    is it possible to reduce it by pressing, (soft pressing by thumb and index finger)
    i am afraid this make it bigger?


  2. there is only one solution which is nose right tool really trust me i also have bigger nose then my doctor told me about this product really i got good result now my nose look so smaller and Sharpe i love my new nose.

  3. Unknown says:

    make your nose smaller without surgery just try to use nose right tool which is help you to make nose smaller fast and naturally.

  4. JessicaD says:

    You look great honestly you don't need anything but if you REALLY want to change it I guess you could try nose right or something they are only 14$ and my friend is convinced they work tho I have never tried myself... But I really don't think you need it at all! :)

  5. The nose is the most important part of our face but Don't worry it's so easy to make nose look smaller permanently without any makeup. Try nose right tool which is make your nose smaller it's really great work for me now i love my new smaller nose.

  6. Unknown says:

    In short of that fatty nose have some specific country mostly in Asian country China, India, Pakistan many people seek plastic surgery for a nose and pay the thousands of rupee. With the discovery of technology in world make the some particular tools for remove the this problem at home remedy with the help of nose up clipper there is only one solution which is nose right tool really trust me because I'm also have bigger nose then my friend suggested theme about this product really i got good result now my nose look so smaller and true shape I love my new nose.

  7. Unknown says:
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  8. Unknown says:

    You could try nose right tool. It's basically work make your nose more slimmer.i have also using that tool from 1month result really awesome now my nose look smaller permanently.

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